Sunday, October 31, 2010

~ HaRgA sEbUaH tAwAkKaL~

Assalamualaikum sahabat2...
maaf .. lama benar gue x update blog gue ni..
actually kalo x kerna shabat2 yg mendesak untuk gue update...
memang malas nak update..
bz ... malas... tension... huhu

tapi tulah hakikat kehidupan
like a wheel
sumtimes up sumtimes down

2 bulan gue deppressed
too much things happen
my heart broken into pieces ..haha
broken due to impermenant

let me share sunthing
that may not important at all to you guys
but it's really a miracle for me
From Allah

the story begin like this
gue posting O&G
perform 2 caeserean section under supervision
really not done till my last oncall , my last day

but few days before that,
i really say i really TAWAKKAL to Him
if let say i'm still dun have chance to perform taht's mean
He really wanna me to stay longer in this posting

But it was a miracle
God willing , i performed 2 LSCS within 24 Hours...
thanks to my MO... Dr Lai & Dr jessie
really thanks for gave me the trust & chance

it;s really COOL to perform
i felt satisfaction...really satisfy
Thanks GOD
I cried after my 2nd Caeser
I'm feel so small , not deserved to gegt the special GIFT from Allah
He luvs me a lot
He always by my side
He never left me alone

apabila kamu sudah berazam, maka hendaklah bertawakkallah kamu kpd Allah

InsyaAllah . u'll find the way....

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